Many of us have learned the joys and convenience of shopping online. Amazon has made it so easy and convenient that you can do your complete holiday shopping on one website. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to be connected to And you may ask yourself: how is Amazon better than the other online vendors? Read on and we will tell you how to cool stuff to buy on amazon:

Amazon sells pretty much everything now.Amazon is no longer just in the book business. They now have over 25 top level departments including jewelry, toys and games, gourmet foods and clothing. One holiday favorite we didn’t see in the department list was gift baskets.

You like to give gift cards? They sell those, too!

Kids or adults all are big fans of gift cards, both to give and to receive. To find the gift cards, enter “gift cards” in the Amazon search box. And then you can choose to personalize the card. You can also choose to send by e-mail, by Facebook, print it yourself or mail it or you can consult your friends and let them know about cool stuff to buy on amazon.

Amazon will also keep track of all your gift recipients. In the top right corner of the Amazon page is a blue drop down labeled “Wish List”. They offer several options but one of our favorites is the Gift Organizer. You can enter information about each of your recipients including birthday, relationship, items the person likes and notes. Amazon will remind you when their birthday is coming up so the cool factor extends beyond the holidays.When you get to the checkout you can also enter addresses so out of area gifts can be sent directly to the recipients. And of course this information is stored for future use.Once you start using Amazon, you can refer back and find out what you gave to each person in the past. And if you get your friends and family on board with Amazon as well, they can create their own wish lists to make shopping for them easier. This gives you an option to buy things on your own. If you gift someone and they do not like what you have given what is the use? Rather than that just give a gift card and they can buy their own stuff. Yes, they also offer gift wrapping and personalized notes. This will really make it very nice.

So let’s sum this up. While sitting at home sipping a cup of hot chocolate I can buy my gifts, write personalized notes, get the gifts wrapped and ship them to everyone on my list. We know for some of you, it is like the hustle and bustle of the mall and that’s how you will learn about cool stuff to buy on amazon. But we are good and think it’s time to put another log on the fire.